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Dry Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water "STEAM" Cleaning


Hot Water "STEAM" Cleaning
at Buckeye Carpet Care

Our gentle and thorough cleaning processes and systems will increase the life of your carpet. Our Routine Maintenance Cleaning Tool is used for carpeting that is cleaned on a regular basis. For carpeting that has been abused by lack of maintenance and previous poor cleaning methods, our Restorative Cleaning Tool provides a solution.

We do not use harsh shampoos or chemicals which leave residue that attracts dirt and causes rapid re-soiling, nor do we spare any expense in our equipment we use and the training of our staff.

STEAM Extraction

Whether your carpeting needs routine maintenance cleaning, restorative cleaning, re-application of protectors or an acidic rinse, we will take care of your needs with the utmost professionalism and care. We will restore luster, beauty and add years of life to your carpeting.

At Buckeye our company values and morals teamed with our extensive training programs, specialized equipment, and cleaning systems and processes guarantees a consistent superior quality of workmanship.

Water and cleaning solution travel through the cleaning tool where it is forced through sprayer heads. Concentrated pre-spray can be added to the solution when tough spots or soil need extra attention. The solution and soil is extracted through the vacuum slot and up the viewing tube, allowing the technician to monitor the amount of dirt extracted.


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