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Water Removal and Complete Structural Drying
at Buckeye Carpet Care

Lets face it, disasters happen. Water damage is the most common form of disaster. Whether it is a broken pipe or a sump pump failure, water damage can quickly ruin your possessions and cause structual damage.

The Process

1. Once the source of water has been eliminated, our technicians employ industrial extraction equipment to remove the excess water and contain the damage to the minimum area possible.

process one
The weight of the technician presses the roller down, forcing the water up to be removed. It is very important to remove the unwanted water as quickly as possible. Our equipment has enough power to extract any excess water you might have – even out of the pad.

2. Using special inspection tools, our technicians determine the extent of the damage, and evaluate components (carpet, pad, walls, hardwood floors, structures, etc.)

Moisture sensors locate moisture even when it isn't visible protecting against hidden water damage. With our equipment we can determine how far the moisture has spread and calculate the correct equipment to dry what is needed.

process twoOur state of the art equipment removes water from cabinets, sub-flooring, and hardwood floors. Under controlled conditions, air movers blow air under cabinets for faster, more efficient drying.

3.We are able to determine whether the most cost-effective solution is to dry out and restore or tear out and replace. We explain to the customer what is involved in the drying and restoration process.

process three
Jobs are tracked throughout the process and equipment is monitored and adjusted to create and maintain optimal drying conditions.

With the latest technology we are able to dry and restore everything from carpet, pad and walls to hardwood floors and the complete structure at a fraction of the cost of replacement and with much less inconvenience and downtime to the homeowner or business owner.

equipmentThrough our experience, training and state of the art equipment, we are able to reduce the overall cost of claims by saving carpet, pad, walls hardwood floors, structural items, etc. Proper water removal and structural drying can eliminate the growth of mold and the subsequent possible health issues and remediation expenses.

We are equipped with hundreds of air movers, dehumidifiers and specialty equipment to begin drying as soon as possible.


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