Luxury Vinyl Tile

Professional Cleaning of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) and Luxury Vinyl Planking (LVP) is important for long-term maintenance.  LVT | LVP are a popular textured flooring that give many homes a budget friendly, but trendy option for flooring.  
LVT is popular among homeowners primarily due to the ease of maintenance. However, it’s important to understand that standard equipment and cleaning processes often are not enough to remove soil & contaminants from within the texture of the tile. Over time, the soil left behind during regular household cleaning will build up on the surface and in the seams of the tile and cause surface scratches and permanent damage to the tile. 

Benefits of a Professional Clean

Having a professional clean your LVT | LVP can:

  • Improve the durability of the flooring
  • Improve the longevity of the appearance and feel of the flooring
  • Improve the air quality of your home
  • Protect your investment

It is especially important to have a professional come out if your home is subject to heavy foot traffic, spills and/or pets.

Our Process

Our Technicians will begin by completing an initial inspection of the full residence to determine the best approach to deliver the most efficient clean based on the amount of soiling and spotting in areas to be cleaned.
After the initial inspection is complete, the technicians will begin by spraying a Pre-Spray/Pre-Conditioner prior to agitation utilizing the Brush Pro or Square Scrub.
After agitation is complete, a Gekko is used to rinse the flooring with hot water to remove all chemical and soil from the LVT | LVP.
If there is spotting that was unable to be removed, our technicians are trained to idenitify the source of these spots, treat the area with the appropriate spotters and rinse leaving your floors with a fresh, clean feel.

Available Options:

  • Deodorizer:   Much like carpet, LVT | LVP can retain environmental odors based on our everyday lives. Homes with pets, indoor smoking and other environmental influences will find that these odors can create a residue and become a prominent fragrance when humidity levels are high. Deodorizer can be applied to LVT | LVP to break down these elements and leave your home with a longer lasting, refreshing clean.


  • Protectant:    Protector can be applied to LVT | LVP to create a layer for wear protection, fill scratches & blemishes and create an easier to clean surface. Protector also helps  maintaining the overall appearance and maximize the life of your flooring.


  • Pet Treatment:    Homes with pets are bound to experience an accident or two along the way. Our Pet Treatment helps to breakdown uric acid and destroy odor causing bacteria to leave your home fresh & clean.

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