Our Values

Welcome to Team Buckeye

We take pride in building a business focused on core values. 

Buckeye Carpet Care, Inc has been in business for 49 years. We are proud to still be able to offer excellent service and quality workmanship to clients while creating a culture where everyone is family. Our success has been directly impacted by the Buckeye family and their drive and dedication. We strive to encourage growth and individual success in every team member from the start of their journey with us.
Together we are better and together we achieve more.

Our Company’s Purpose

Through a team effort, we will serve our customer’s needs above and beyond their expectations.
Buckeye Carpet Care, Inc. will ensure the stability and future growth of our employees at the highest standards that our company’s culture demands.

Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

Always making sure they are happy & informed with our services.

Every Customer is important & we will tell & show them that we appreciate & respect them.
Do unto our Customer as we want to be treated when we are a customer.
Fix or Sell and Provide to the Customer what they Need.

Employee Appreciation & Success

Always providing opportunity for Job Security & Growth.

Constant, On-Going & Continual Training & Education.
We are All Equally important and Will Be treated Equally.
Always looking out for our Employee’s Welfare, Safety, & Progression.

Accountability = Responsibility & Consequence

We achieve as a Team & Work Family.
I am responsible for Me & I will do what is Right.
We Keep our Customer’s.
My Actions & Words Matter.
I am Trustworthy.

Workmanship Greatness

Always being as Efficient & Thorough as Possible.

Always striving to be Better.
Not Rushing But Double Checking.

Taking Care of the Buckeye Work Family & Company

Talking with Your Boss when issues or problems arise.

Making sure we are not taken advantage of by Anyone.
Helping the Company do well so it can take care of Us.
Maintain our Culture.

Team Buckeye

Together Everyone Achieves More.