Standing in Water?

Is your basement flooded?

Has a pipe burst in your bathroom or kitchen, causing water to overflow?

Our expert technicians are WRT Certified, experienced and equipped to provide the efficient and proper removal of water from your property to get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.
Buckeye Carpet Care, Inc offers emergency water restoration and extraction services for Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas. Since 1974, our expert technicians have provided the highest quality workmanship to homeowners and property owners with our water extraction services. We understand that disasters happen, and our team is here to help during your time of need.
For our emergency services, contact us at 614-863-1905. One of our technicians will be at your location as quickly as possible. 

Flood Restoration Guide

It’s Easy to Feel Overwhelmed. Here’s a Quick Guide of What to Expect when you Call.

Know where the water is coming from.


Here are a few common causes of indoor flooding:

     – Broken Pipes

     – Poor Drainage

     – Malfunctioning Appliances

     – Outdoor Weather

Know how long the water has been sitting and if it is draining.


It is important to address flooding as quickly as possible. The longer your carpet, flooring and infastructure are exposed to water, the more damage it causes and the less will be able to be restored. 

Know who will be handling the restoration claim & expenses.


It is important to know whether or not your insurance company will be handling the claim. There will be additional information needed if a claim is going to be processed.

Flood Services

Flooding can be a nightmare for any property owner. Our services will help you take the stress out of your emergency. 

     Water Extraction

     Moisture Testing

     Structural Drying


     Wet Carpet Drying

     Tear Out

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