Tile & Grout

Tile & Grout is a natural option for humidity or moisture prone environments. Tile is a non-porous surface that is hard for contaminants to cling to, however grout is a highly porous, textured material that will absorb moisture and allow unwanted residual buildup to grow quickly. 
Maintaining good ventilation and air circulation and regular cleaning can reduce the risk of costly grout repairs.
When a Tile & Grout surface is not well maintained and properly cleaned, it can effect both your health and the longevity of your tile. 

Benefits of a Professional Clean

Professional cleaning of your Tile & Grout can benefit both the health and wellness of your family as well as the longevity of your investment by:

  • Eliminating soils, spills & unwanted contaminants
  • Restore the luster & beauty of your floor
  • Removing dirt & grime that can cause deterioration


Our Process

*Note: Buckeye Carpet Care uses IICRC specified industry standards when cleaning Tile & Grout. It is important to understand when looking for a service provider that using too high of water pressure can loosen tile or blow grout out of joints.
Our Technicians will begin by inspecting the tiled area.  They will then apply an Alkaline Cleaner designed to loosen & suspend all general & organic type spills. Agitation of the Alkaline Cleaner with a hand brush or brush pro with brushes designed specifically for Tile & Grout is important for removing any built up bacteria from the texture of the grout.
The technicians complete this process using a Gekko hard surface tool and hot water to rid the tile of all soil and contaminants leaving no residue.

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