Vinyl Composite Tile

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is probably the most familiar resilient flooring type since it’s used often in schools, retail and institutional spaces because of its durability and low cost. This is made from a composite material that is aimed at creating a tile that is made of a minimized amount of vinyl in combination with limestone and other materials for a more cost-effective look.

Benefits of a Professional Clean

Having a professional clean your VCT allows you the proper tools & chemistry designed for VCT without the added expense. To maintain a crisp shine and reflective appearance, regular maintenance programs that include cleaning and burnishing with the use of quality finishes are necessary. 

Regular cleaning & burnishing keeps scratches, dirt and blemishes controlled so flooring reflects light properly &  allowing the VCT to maintain it’s shine longer.

Finished floors that are not cleaned and burnished regularly will find the finish begins to wear over time allowing scratches and blemishes to become too deep, requiring the VCT to be completely stripped.


Our Process

Our Technicians will first apply a stripping chemical to dissolve & loosen the existing finish. Using an oscillating machine, technician will agitate the finish to loosen the finish.
We will then rinse & remove the dissolved & loosened finish using hot water and a Gekko extraction wand. Once the old finish is removed, our technicians will neutralize the flooring to get it back to the proper pH necessary for the finish to adhere to it. 
Application of appropriate sealers & finishes with the use of a burnisher is used to harden the sealers & finishes to provide a layer of protection and enhance the beauty of your area.

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