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What is a Restorative Clean?

Our technicians use a rotary extraction tool that utilizes circular agitation at 630 strokes per minute while extracting to clean the carpet fibers from 5 different angles. This delivers a higher level of cleaning performance by fluffing up and restoring the carpet pile for a deeper clean. The results are astounding on extremely soiled, matted carpet.

Do I really need to add a Deodorizer?

Are you a smoker? Do you have inside pets?

For homes with several pets, indoor smokers & certain cultural cuisines, the need for deodorizer varies depending on the amount of dust, dirt & dander that has accumulated in the fibers of your carpet and upholstery. These odors create a residue that attaches to the fibers and can often times go unnoticed in our everyday lives but can become a prominent fragrance when humidity levels are high.

What does adding Protector to Carpet do?

Adding Protector to your carpet helps to prevent excess soil and spills from penetrating the fibers making spot cleaning easier as well as aid in the overall longevity of the appearance and texture of your carpet.

Practically, every carpet manufacturer recommends applying protectant on an annual basis to maximize your investment and keep carpets looking newer longer.

What does adding Protector to LVT do?

Luxury Vinyl Tile is a popular textured flooring option for many homes. Standard equipment and cleaning processes often are not enough to remove soil & contaminants from within the texture of the tile. Over time, the soil left behind during regular household cleaning will build up on the surface and in the seams of the tile that can cause surface scratches and permanent damage to your tile.

Our professional hard surface cleaning process and equipment can help maintain the look of this textured flooring and maximize the life of your LVT.

Find out more here.

Puppy Problems?

Accidents happen and sometimes messes are made. Having pets sometimes comes at a cost. Adding a pet treament will help to remove pet stains and odor from carpet and LVT by breaking down uric acid and destroying odor causing bacteria.

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