What to Use to Tackle Strong Odors

Everyday activities accompanied with kids and pets can leave behind unwanted smells. With the amount of traffic, spills and pets your home sees, carpeting can become a catch all for stains and odors and over time that odor begins to consume the room. The carpet cleaning industry has hundreds of deodorizers that come in a variety of types, such as powder, foam, spray, and concentrated liquid. The primary function of all deodorizers is to neutralize the odor without damaging the fibers and leave the room smelling fresh again. 

Before You Begin

Determine what the underlying cause of the smell is

For a long-lasting, fresh smell, you must first determine the cause of the odor so you can therefore eradicate the underlying smell. Some deodorizers are first cleaners, other deodorizers such as powder deodorizers, will be unable to penetrate odors like pet urine, vomit, tobacco smoke, and mildew. So first determine the source of the odor before deciding how to continue.

Type of Carpet

Most deodorizers are safe on all types of carpet, but we always recommend testing in an inconspicuous area prior to using. For specialty carpet or rugs and upholstery, always read the label and warnings as this will prevent you from using a product that might damage your investments.

What Buckeye Recommends

Buckeye Carpet Care uses a fabulous product by HydraMaster called MultiPhase that contains an industry favorite scent and is known for its triple action bonding, encapsulating & absorbing odor counteractant. It works great on all organic odors, pet urine, mustiness and mildew. This product starts working immediately and you will smell the difference right away. Follow the link here to more information about HydraMaster’s Multiphase.

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